Emotional Eating - San Antonio Weight Loss CenterEmotional Eating

Do you ever find yourself grabbing a handful of chips when stressed at work? Maybe you just need to “check out” after a long day and mindlessly eat in front of the TV. Perhaps you start grazing on cookies and sweets when you’re bored late at night. Emotional eating affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives — not just those who struggle with eating disorders.

Snacking in response to uncomfortable emotions can make weight loss extremely difficult, because will power alone will not change your behavior. Furthermore, many folks may not even realize that they eat in response to uncomfortable emotions. It may be especially difficult to recognize emotional eating if you are snacking in order to numb yourself from past trauma.

Coping Skills

Calling a friend, driving with the windows down, singing loudly to early 2000s emo music, doodling, journaling, walking, snuggling your dog, playing with your kids, and even cleaning are all examples of healthy coping skills. It’s important to have a variety of different types of skills to use in response to different emotions and situations. Weight loss counseling can help build awareness of emotional eating, address underlying issues related to the behavior, and develop healthy coping skills to use instead of turning to food.

Your Path to Success

Whether you are seeking medical or non-medical weight loss, developing healthy coping skills is essential for long term success in your weight loss journey. It’s best to develop healthy coping before a distressing situation arises. So go ahead, give yourself permission right now to play loud music, take a few extra minutes in the shower, or call the friend you’ve been meaning to connect with but just haven’t found the time. You won’t regret it.

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