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“The program offered at the BCC assisted me in many ways with my weight loss journey. The most important thing I learned was how to be accountable to myself and choose a healthy lifestyle. By the end of the program I wanted to eat mindfully and make movement an everyday part of my life.”


Program Alumni
The Bariatric Counseling Center is an innovative program designed to help people who have struggled with eating and weight loss by providing therapy and support in a unique, multi-faceted group and one-on-one format. The program enables people to understand and then change their relationship with food, achieving lasting weight loss and improved quality of life.
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Our clients are…

Non-Surgical Weight Loss

People who have yo-yo dieted for years without lasting weight loss and wish to pursue non-surgical, sustainable weight-loss and a healthier lifestyle under the care and guidance of experts.

Pre-Weight Loss Surgery

People pursuing weight loss surgery who understand the value and necessity of a lifestyle change in conjunction with surgery.

Post-Weight Loss Surgery

People who had weight loss surgery and have not achieved the desired results or have perhaps fallen back into old habits.
If you identify with any one of these descriptions, the program at The Bariatric Counseling Center is likely a great fit to help you change your life!

We focus on making behavioral changes with food and lifestyle by adjusting mindset and changing actions. All of this happens in a program where staff and clients understand how difficult the struggle to achieve lasting results and long-term success truly is.  It is often difficult to take the first step to reach out for assistance, but we are here in San Antonio to support and assist you. We guarantee you will be met with kindness and compassion by staff members who understand the struggle.

If you are struggling with weight loss, emotional eating or binge eating behaviors, give us a call to see how our program can change your life.

Our program is offered in person, with COVID safety precautions in place, or over Zoom. Clients can participate either in person, through Zoom or a combination of both, depending on comfort level. A chef-prepared meal is included for all in-person attendees.

The Bariatric Counseling Center program includes

Recovery Skills Groups

Overseen by our staff Psychiatrist, to establish new ways to offset urges to indulge in cravings, binge eat or emotionally eat.

Coping Skills Groups

Led by our Clinical Staff, make the lifelong transition into healthy eating and establish a healthy lifestyle.

Dietary Support

Our Registered Dietitians assist with nutrition, meal planning, navigating eating out and grocery shopping.

Meals Preparation

In our state-of-the-art teaching kitchen, our Executive Chef demonstrates how to create healthy meals and avoid diet deprivation.

Mindful Eating

Enjoy chef-prepared meals with masters-level staff members and clients and learn to consume meals mindfully.

Healthy Goals Instruction

Gain insight and awareness and learn to act and live in accordance with new healthy goals.

Movement Groups

Led by our Registered Physical Therapist, find joy in movement and create a lasting plan to move for improved wellness.

Medication Management

Coordinate Psychiatric Care to address depression, anxiety, and other conditions that can accompany binge eating or emotional eating, while minimizing use of medications that contribute to weight gain.
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