Behavioral Health Care for Obesity and Weight Loss

The only program of its kind in Texas. Covered by most health insurance plans.

Comprehensive Counseling, Therapy, and Education for Individuals Struggling with Weight Loss and Overeating.

Serving clients in person at our welcoming facility in San Antonio and throughout Texas via our telemedicine platform. Our staff is comprised of clinical psychologists, registered dietitians, licensed professional counselors, physical therapists and nurses, as well as a professional chef, all dedicated to making the journey toward a healthier lifestyle a successful one.

Our clients fit the different descriptions below, but all have a common mindset — they all recognize the importance of behavioral change in achieving sustained weight loss and improved health for the long-term.

Who does the Bariatric Counseling Center serve?

Clients Pursuing Weight

Loss Without Surgery

or Medication

Individuals who have tried diets and other weight loss plans for years without lasting results who seek sustained weight loss and improved health through behavior change under the guidance
of behavioral healthcare

Clients Who Are Having

or Have Had

Bariatric Surgery

Individuals who are pursuing weight loss surgery and understand the value and necessity of a lifestyle change in conjunction with surgery, and individuals who have had weight loss surgery and find themselves reverting to old habits.

Clients Who Are Being

Treated with Weight Loss


Individuals on Ozempic, Wegovy, Mounjaro, Zepound, Phentermine and other weight loss medications who recognize the importance of behavioral change to sustain weight loss initiated by these medications. Click here for details.

Do you fit any of these descriptions? Have you struggled with compulsive overeating and weight loss?

At the Bariatric Counseling Center, we offer an innovative program designed to help people who have been confronting these issues. We provide group and individual therapy, dietary guidance, cooking classes, chef-prepared meals, and movement education in a unique, all-inclusive format, led by an experienced and compassionate team of behavioral healthcare professionals.

The program can be standalone treatment or in addition to bariatric surgery or weight loss medication that you receive from other providers. Our program addresses your behaviors and enables you to understand and modify your relationship with food, establish healthy eating and movement habits and improve your quality of life for the long-term.


Call us at 210.634.2300.

A professional intake coordinator is waiting for your call and will provide information on how your health insurance coverage often covers the program. See the list of insurers below.

We are in network with most health insurers